HR Transformation Management

The target is to design more efficient modern HR processes with an expert view from practice. Making the most of HR assets, data-driven decision-making and always being one step ahead in people-centric HR management.

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Interim Management

Interim Management is a temporary, freelance assignment in a line or management function to solve a problem in your organization. This type of employment has been a regular part of European business for more than 50 years and a successful model for dynamic working models (gig economy) in the USA.

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Assessment Services

According to our understanding of values, personnel assessment enables a valid analysis, recording and interpretation of abilities, personality characteristics and attitudes of applicants, employees and executives. The objective is to create a complete picture of the individual skills, characteristics as well as preferences of a person. The result helps to make well-grounded decisions with regard to the job/profession, the task as well as the current and future roles and responsibilities. In addition, personnel assessments provide a meaningful baseline for personnel development or general learning decisions in a deep-learning organization.

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Personnel and organizational development

In terms of our approach, personnel development and organizational change are two very close linked concepts in human resource management. Personnel development covers specific actions designed to improve and extend the skills, knowledge and competencies of employees and managers in a company. The goal is to promote the individual performance and potential of employees and therefore also to improve the performance of the company. Organizational development, on the other hand, deals with the development and change of organizational structures, work processes, workflows and the culture in a company. It focuses on shaping working conditions and the work environment in a way that improves the company's effectiveness and efficiency in a measurable way. Organizational development often includes the analysis and improvement of work processes and procedures, the improvement of cooperation within departments and the promotion of a positive corporate culture.

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Our Profile

Loobia Consulting is an international consulting company for human resource management. Based on solid professional experience in Europe, USA and Asia, people are at the center of sustainable business performance and growth.

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